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Hands-On Leathercraft Activities at your Event / Venue

Here at Evancliffe Leathercraft we are passionate about passing on the skills of leatherworking! This means that as well as running our own Training Workshops we often demonstrate  and provide hands-on leatherwork activities whenever we attend an Event subject to space being available.

This has lead to museums, organisations and groups asking us to attend to demonstrate and run activities for visitors at their venues or events.

To that end we have developed a number of activities which we can operate as a stand alone attraction at events. We have listed some of them below, but are happy to discuss alternatives as well:

Hands-On Leather Stamping Activity

Adults and Children alike can have a go at creating their own unique decorated leatherwork item.

Participants will be able to choose what they want to decorate  from a number of pre-cut shapes including:

  • Wristbands
  • Bookmarks
  • Key Rings
  • Hair Barrettes
  • Seasonal / Themed Shapes

A number of different stamps and tools will be available so that people can create their own unique designs.   Items will then be finished in a choice of colours. While some finished items are made only from leather, in the cases of wrist bands, hair barrettes and key rings etc. we make sure that the participant leaves with a completed item including any fastenings or other accessories requited.

A typical 6 hour event can cover approximately 100+ hands on leatherwork experiences. This allows for a short break for lunch as well as intervals to re-organise the stamping table etc.

Hands-On “Stitch an Inch” Activity!

Adults and Children can try your hand at the traditional art of Saddle Stitch. Sit down and use a Stitching Pony to hold a piece of leather while hand stitching along the edge with saddlers needles and waxed linen thread. They will out how we get that nice neat evenly spaced stitching they have seen on quality hand crafted leather goods.

At the end of the event the organiser can keep the length of leather with the stitching as a record of the activities.  We usually collect the initials during the day then add them later, then we will send the piece of leather to the organiser.


Evancliffe Leathercraft charge from £25.00 / hour plus from £1.00 per item for the hands on Leatherwork Experiences listed above.

Usually the “Stitch an Inch” experience is included within the hourly rate.

Organisers can choose to cover the cost of each experience item themselves or Evancliffe Leathercraft can pass this on to the customer.

These costs are based on being able to make “incidental sales” while at the event to help cover travel costs etc.  If it is a short event and / or incidental sales are not allowed or the event is based outside County Durham prices may vary. Please enquire for a written quotation.



“Being a Design Tech teacher there is no better sound than that of banging tools and material work.
Yesterday I went along to the Folk and Farmers Market at Preston Park with family and friends. I knew exactly where to find the leather crafting workshop, I just followed the sound.

I attempted to see Wendy 3 times for a quick chat but no such luck! A very popular workshop to say the least. Each time I came in to the room there were crowds of people watching and waiting to have a go at some leather stamping and stitching, which looked like such good fun! There were lots of stamps to choose from and a variety of different leather shapes to get you started. Wendy and Clive were very patient and relaxed, creating a lovely atmosphere and nobody was rushed whilst creating their individual piece. A young girl we were with was really happy with her coaster. Having a choice of shapes, stamps and leather stains meant that each person made something different that suited their personalities and were encouraged to be creative.

A very nice collection of work was on display to be viewed and bought which showed tremendous skill and gave an insight as to what can be made with the material.
People of all ages were intrigued,enthused and participated in the activity. Brilliant to see!”

– Danielle Quinn (Visitor to Preston Park Museum & Grounds “Folk and Farmers Market”.)

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