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Handcrafted Briefcase – Evancliffe Leathercraft

Handcrafted Leather Briefcase - Evancliffe Leathercraft
Handcrafted Leather Briefcase – Evancliffe Leathercraft

Unique Design

Unique Leather Bespoke Briefcase - Evancliffe leathercraft
Unique Leather Bespoke Briefcase – Evancliffe Leathercraft

The leather briefcase featured in this post was recently completed for a commission. The design is our own and we believe unique. This particular version was designed to hold a large lap-top computer, so is slightly bigger than the average briefcase. (As we design using CAD we can easily alter the sizes to make the bag in different sizes.)

Hand Crafted Briefcase

The briefcase is cut by hand from quality veg tan leather, dyed by hand (in this case with saddle tan oil dye, but many other colours are available) and completely hand stitched. Hand stitching is much stronger than the machine stitching commonly found on mass produced shop bought items.


Inside Evancliffe leathercraft Handcrafted Briefcase
Inside Evancliffe Leathercraft Handcrafted Briefcase

Opening the bag will reveal a slim rear pocket, a large central pocket (which will hold the lap top, files etc. and to smaller front pockets. There is also a leather pen holder strip. Of course, as we make each one to order, e can incorporate your own requirements into the size and features of the case.

The case benefits from a hand crafted and hand stitched leather handle as well as a detachable leather shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is adjustable at both ends using brass sliders and has a hand crafted and hand stitched shoulder pad.

The briefcase pictured also had a personalised badge stitched to the flap. Other custom features can be included in the design.

Quality Fittings

All the fittings used are of a high quality and obtained from a local supplier. Various finishes are available, the case featured was provided with brass / brass look fittings.


Prices start at £350.00. (Prices vary on size and customisation.) Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for a quote.

Please note, most of our leatherwork is made to order. Please contact us early if you have a specific date that you require any commission to be completed by.

More Images

We have a lot more photos of the briefcase on our Facebook Page, or you can link directly to our Facebook Briefcase Photo Album.