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FAQ No.1 – What length of Belt do I need??

Hand Craft Leather Belt
Hand Craft Leather Belt

This is a question we get asked a lot when people order custom belts from us!  There are a few different  answers …

Men’s Trouser Waist Size

For men, the size of your belt is roughly the same as your trouser waste size plus 2″.  So if you’re wearing a 34″ waist pair of trousers, then you need a 36″ belt etc. etc.  This allows for the fact the belt goes around the outside of your trousers and that your shirt is tucked into your trousers etc.

Of course, that’s not always the best way to tell us.  We know that some trouser sizes actually vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or style to style.

Women’s Dress Size to Waist Size

Women’s clothes are not normally sold in a particular waist size but use a Dress Size system.  Converting this to a waist size  is not an exact science, but a rough guide for UK dress sizes is as follows:

Size 4 = 24.5″, Size 6 = 25.5″, Size 8 = 26.5″, Size 10 = 28.5″, Size 12 = 30.5″, Size 14 = “32.5”, Size 18 = “37.5”

Is there a simpler way?

Yes, we think there is anyway.  You can measure yourself.  Think about where the belt is going to sit, and simply measure around yourself at that point.   Let us have the actual measurement and that is what we will base the belt size on, adding 2″.

Simpler than that?

Possibly?  Have you got an existing belt you feel comfortable with?  If the answer is yes, what better thing to base the measurement of your new belt on?  But…

1) Do not simply take the size off it’s label.

Belts tend to reshape themselves and stretch over time.

2) The overall length of a belt, from end to end, is not what we are after.

This measurement would not be a great deal of use to us. It may include a random length at the end and it does not tell us where on the belt you are fastening it.

What do we need then?

What we want to know is the distance from the inside edge of the buckle frame to the hole you use on the belt.  Not the other holes, just simply the hole you use.  To help, we’ve prepared a diagram.  This should make it very simple to measure.

What length of belt do I need?
What length of belt do I need?

(If your buckle is the decorative style that has a protrusion on the back that clips into the hole on the belt, it’s that protrusion you should measure from.)

Anything else?

Belt Width

We’ll need to know what width the belt you want is.  Usual widths in inches are 1/2″, 1″ and 1 and a 1/2″.  If you are supplying the buckle, that will answer the question for us.


If you are providing measurements, please make sure you state what units you are using. (You’d be surprised!) We can handle Metric or Imperial, we’re not bothered which as long as we know what it is, mm, cm, inches, feet  etc. etc…