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Customer Reviews & Feedback for our Leather products

“It came this morning, and I look forward to using it this evening ! It looks great. And so well made. I’ll have many years of use from it…  …Thank you again for a fantastic job, and such a great price too, that I couldn’t resist. I hope it does become a new line for you. I’m sure it would be well appreciated by people who know what quality is.” – Anna M. (Large Railway Bag.)

“Many thanks it arrived yesterday and we are very pleased with it. It will be in action on the NNR this Wednesday.” – Linda W. (TTI Bag.)

“Just a quick mail to let you know they arrived and I think they are awesome :)” – Tracy N. (Leather belt & Possibles Bag.)

“Item arrived today, very pleased with it. I’m a bus driver and we have a similar key to the one train guards carry to open the cab door. After locking myself out the cab one too many times because my key was in my bag, in the cab, I thought it was time to get a holder for it. Took me a long, long time to find something suitable, and a few of my colleagues were saying they are very hard to find nowadays, so will be recommending to them.” – Mike A. (Hand Stitched  Carriage Key Holder with Accessories.)

“The Tee key holder arrived today (it was waiting for me when I got back off the trains this evening) it really looks the business, thank you very much.” – Brian C. (Hand Stitched & Stamped Carriage Key Holder.

Really pleased with the belt and had an unexpected, but interesting afternoon, with Clive and Wendy, watching him make the belt.” – Caroline T. (Custom made leather belt.)

“A beautiful hand crafted leather journal for my wife. Amazing quality and great customer service. Perfect gift…thanks!”  – Tom B. (Hand bound leather journal.)

“Beautiful little journal, hand tooled and finished to a fabulous standard, can’t recommend enough.” – Vannesa W.   (Hand bound leather journal.)

“A wonderful quality leather journal and belts for myself and Children. Well done to Wendy and Clive. Great service and products!” Gary F. (Custom made Leather Journal & Custom Made Leather Belts.)

“I just wanted to confirm I have received the item and am very pleased with it. Great service and product. ” – Ryan T. (Railway Tee-Key Holder.)

(Ryan also submitted another review to our facebook page about 3 months later, which we have added below.)

“Ordered my carriage key holder a while back for a more authentic look and the fact I wanted a solid hard wearing product. After several months use I am not disappointed. The item is well made looks fantastic and has been engraved with my initials. The service was quick and professional. Would and have recommended to colleagues.” – Ryan T. (Hand Stitched Leather Tee-Key / Carriage Key Holder with initials.)

“Collected my leather tankard from Clive Elsdon, absolutely chuffed, well worth the wait.” Alan A. (Custom made wet molded tankard.)

“I had a mobile phone case from these great folks, top of the bill, gets commented on all the time. I would urge you to get in touch, they will do bespoke items.” – Alan A. (Custom mobile phone case that could be used for one of two different phones.)

“The good people of Evancliffe made me a leather sheath for my billhook – custom made from good quality leather. A lovely bit of craft work, delivered promptly. Thank you.” – Christopher S. (Custom tool cover.)

“Wendy made this wonderful little Book of Shadows. I am really pleased with it. Blessed Be.” Alan A. (Customised Hand Bound Journal.)

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